Because of the low lighting conditions these images are very washed out. They are of real eighteenth century clothes and fabrics. Collection at the museum can be searched from Museum of London


Fabric from a Mantua dress worn by Anne Fanshawe c 1753. Embroidered cream silk.


Bodice from the Fanshawe Mantua dress.


How to sit wearing a Mantua dress. Taken from a short video.


How to dance wearing a Mantua dress. Taken from a video.


A bright yellow Chinese silk damask dress. The bodice is lined with linen and the skirt part lined with woollen cloth.


The bodice of the yelow silk dress.


The skirt of the yellow silk dress.


A blue silk bodice embroidered with oink honeysuckle and carnations.


Coat, shirt and waistcoat in green silk of a gentleman. The coat has embroidery along the edges. The fabric is made to reflect different hues by angle.


Dress of white cotton woven with pairs of very fine red silk stripes and embroidered with small sprigs of flowers. The underdress and fichu are reproductions


Detail of sleeve on a sack dress.


Dress in brocaded yellow silk taffeta. The skirt is attached to the bodice at back and side but held up in front by strings tied around the waist. The neck and sleeves ruffles are reproductions


A fawn coloured male coat in woollen broadcloth. The suit is embroidered with silver thread and spangles to catch the light.


The clothes of this period are set out in a special display as if watching the entertainments at the (lost) Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens a popular venue in London at that time. The room is kept fairly dark to preserve the fabrics.


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